Find What Vitamin Do Vegetarian Need

adsense-fallback – Being vegetarian is a good choice for everyone. You can push yourself to be vegetarian to make your body healthy. Everything will run very well by having a healthy body. Vegetarian are the people who just consume vegetables and fruits and avoid foods from animal products.

However, some vegetarian still consume egg and milk. A kind of vegetarian who avoids all animal products is named by Vegan. They are pure vegetarian and just eat vegetables and fruits. So, vegetarian needs vitamin every day. What vitamin do vegetarian need?

One of the problems to be vegetarian is that the people do not get full nutrition from their lifestyle. Being vegetarian also needs a process. As a beginner, you can ask many things about the vegetarian lifestyle. Because they do not consume animal products, they have to get good nutritious from vegetables. Avoiding animal products means you have to find some foods which can replace it. It is right that animal products such fish and egg contains good nutrition for human body. So, vegetarian can consume some food supplement to get some nutritious elements for their body.


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Some Vitamins Needed by Vegetarian
There are many kinds of vitamins that vegetarian need. You can consume some of it to get your body fresh and healthy as a vegetarian

  1. Omega 3
    Omega 3 is very needed by the human’s body to improve and develop their brain. It also avoids brain inflammation. Actually, some foods which contain from omega 3 is from an animal such oily fish. As a vegetarian, you can get omega 3 from soybean, walnut, flaxseed, and chia seed. It is enough to maintain your body healthy.
  2. Zinc
    What vitamins do vegetarian need in number two is zinc. Zinc is nutrition to strengthen your immune system. It is also repair damaged body cells. There are some foods which contain zinc such as tofu, grain, nuts, and seeds. As a vegetarian, you can consume these foods to get zinc.
  3. Protein
    You can consume protein to maintain your body health, especially in your skin, bone, and muscle. Protein can get from plant foods. You can consume nuts and whole grains to get proteins.
  4. B12
    It is also a type of vitamins which is easily found in animal foods. But, you can get B12 from vegetarian foods also such mushrooms, seaweed, and also fortified soy. By consuming enough B12 vitamins, the body function in metabolism and nervous system will be good. It can also reduce fertility and bone density disorders. You will also get health hearth too.
  5. Calcium
    Everyone needs calcium followed by vitamin D. It plays a role in absorption which functioned to maintain bone density. Calcium for a vegetarian can get from cereals, Arab nuts, broccoli, oranges, soybeans, and so on which is processed as cheese products.

Those are the answer of what vitamin do vegetarian need. So, you have to consume a lot of vitamins as a vegetarian. By doing so, your health will be better. Are you interested to be vegetarian? You can start step by step to be a pure vegetarian.

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