Three Vegetarian Turkey Alternative Products

adsense-fallback – When Thanksgiving is coming, many people will also make Vegetarian Turkey foods for those who want to eat more veggie. For new vegetarians that face this issue, it probably comes in their mind that it is almost impossible to make this kind of food.

But of course, the history of food is changing as time goes by and there are some alternative foods for this problem.

More than 7, 3 million American’s vegetarian, enjoying turkey particularly when Thanksgiving was a hard day. Some family members didn’t care about the vegetarian concept. Sometimes it becomes pressure and makes you sad.


But it’s different nowadays. Now you can eat meatless turkey. In the field of food, it’s called faux meat. This faux meat product is meaty, and the texture also looks like real meat. Here are the three products for those who want to eat the faux meat of turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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Tofurkey has been becoming America’s leading Vegetarian Turkey alternatives since 1995. This roast has a meat-like texture and tastes just like the original meat. There are several products of Tofurkey that you can choose. The material to make Tofurkey is 100% made from plants. Even of the Tofurkey products also contain an imitation bone wishes. Having one for your Thanksgiving dinner is perfect. This product is also well known as a product to faux turkey. The “vegetarian feast” written in the cover box can help you to find this product easily.


Quorn Turkey Roast
This product is uncooked and looks like raw dough. It tastes like a real turkey. For those who want to eat faux meat but tastes like real meat, this could be your best choice.


Gardein Stuffed Veggie Turkey Roast
This is probably will be your most delicious Vegetarian Turkey. If those two mentioned products above are quite dry, this product is almost passed for succulent. Some people also claim that this product is the tastiest food from all faux meat products.

As a vegetarian, you should be happy knowing that there are many alternatives ways to enjoy the meatless food that tastes like meat. Now if your family prepare for the Thanksgiving or Christmas, you don’t need to be worried if there are no vegetarian foods. Most of the products can be served or cooked in less than 1 hour.

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If possible, now you can make a creation for your meatless turkey. Some similar products can be added by some veggies such as mushroom that good as protein sources, green veggies and some raw food like basil. You can modify all of the turkey-like roasts depend on your taste. Creating some sauce also can be a good idea to increase the level of meatiness. So now, you don’t need to be stressful to think about faux meat that you can enjoy anytime. It is important to notice that other vegetables can be used as alternative food too. As an example, tofu and tempe (fermented soybean) can be the other Vegetarian Turkey alternative foods.