Healthy Nutrition Tips For Vegetarian Pregnancy

adsense-fallback – During your Vegetarian pregnancy, you will need enough nutrition. The research has verified that vegetarian diet can adequate the nutrition for your pregnancy. But it is important to choose the variety of foods that provide enough nutrients.

It will affect your body and your baby. It’s important to notice that selecting the food is depending on your vegetarian diet type.

We will bring some tips for vegetarian that being vegan. Being vegan means that they don’t consume all of the animal sources of protein. They just eat fruit, vegetables, beans, seed, and nuts. Although these tips will be useful for vegan, it is also useful if you take other types of vegetarian.


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The tips

First tips for the vegetarian pregnancy is to normalize the calories intake for your first three months pregnancy. You don’t need extra calories during this period. Choose the foods that contain high in complex carbohydrates and fiber such as whole grain bread, pasta, cereal, rice, and vegetables. You will also need to consume more foods or drinks that contain high calcium. It is to ensure that you fulfill the daily calcium need about 12000 mg. Dried beans, leafy green vegetables, soy milk, and coconut or almond milk will be the best choice to get calcium. To support this, you may also adequate the vitamin D in your body. It can be obtained through exposure to the sun.

You will need to adequate vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B12 a day. The source of the vitamin A is carrots, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potatoes, and apricots. Take citrus fruits including orange, strawberries, tomatoes, and broccoli as the source of vitamin C. For vitamin B12; it can be obtained through consuming fortified soy or yeast.


What you should avoid

There are several things that you should avoid during your Vegetarian pregnancy. You should avoid these things because it will affect your baby directly.
Avoid drinking alcohol during your pregnancy. Not only for vegetarian, but also it is for every woman that currently pregnant.

Avoid caffeine. If you can’t stay away from the caffeine, then limit your caffeine consumption to less than 300 mg per day. 300 mg equals to three 5-ounce cups of tea. Please keep in mind that chocolate also has caffeine. It is known that the caffeine in the chocolate is almost equal to a ¼ cup of coffee.
If you have a problem with alcohol or caffeine use, please talk to your doctor or your health care provider. This has an aim to protect your baby.

Avoid losing your weight on a diet. It is normal that during your pregnancy, you will gain weights. But also remember that you will lose your weights after the baby born. If you try to lose weight during the pregnancy, it could damage you and your baby’s health.

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If you are a vegetarian type that also eats seafood (including fish, shrimp, and crab) for your protein sources, then you are highly recommended to consume it daily. It is highly recommended by the nutrition expert to consume seafood that has beneficiaries to mom and the baby during your Vegetarian pregnancy.