Vegetarian Food Pyramid For Weight Loss Plan


OnVegetarian.comThe vegetarian food pyramid is made and designed purposely to assist and guide people who are going to select a plant-based diet in choosing the foods they do need to create such a well-managed, healthy diet. As you start becoming a vegetarian, you must not know what to do since you have no clue about the vegetarian food.

The existence of food pyramid helps anyone to clear the things up. If you want to have such a weight loss, for instance, you need to consider choosing the vegetarian foods in a small service as shown in the pyramid. Well, let’s discuss more this topic.

The detailed information

Here is the detailed info about vegetarian food pyramid which will be explained as well in the following explanation.

  1. Foods on the vegetarian food pyramid are not kind of daily recommendations but the foods you have to strive to eat in a 48-hour period. When you look at the veggie group in the pyramid, for example, the recommendation is 2-4 cups of vegetables. Therefore, you need to eat no more than 4 cups of vegetables a day to create such a balanced diet.
  2. Many foods in the vegetarian food pyramid can be included in more than one food group. For instance, Broccoli and Kale must be counted as a serving food in the vegetable group, but they could be in the group of calcium-rich foods since they contain a lot of calcium. There are still many other foods that are categorized as in more than one group.
  3. Serving sizes are smaller than anyone thinks. If you do want to have a healthy well-balanced diet, you need to follow its serving size for your meal. It must be difficult at first, but you will get used to it as time passes.

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The vegetarian food pyramid’s food group

The vegetarian food pyramid is categorized to be many groups which will be explained here in the following details.

  1. Vegetable group.
    Every person has already known how much important the vegetable is. To get the advantage of consuming vegetable, you need to know the rules of how to cook the vegetable, how to select the fresh one, how to know there is no pesticide, how to clean and how to juice the vegetable.
  2. Fortified soymilk.
    As a child, to be able to grow tall, she or he needs to consume the milk since it contains much calcium which is good for growth, bones, and teeth. Remember to pay attention to the expired date of the soymilk you buy at the market to avoid such unwanted thing happens.
  3. Seeds group.
    The peanuts, beans, nuts, bean alternates are protein-rich foods. You also have to know how to select and how many servings you need to consume.
  4. Grains group.
    Bread, rice, pasta, cereals are categorized in grains group. Sometimes, grains contain glucose which is not good if you overeat. For a person who has diabetes, she or he needs to avoid eating rice. One of grains group, bread, is a good thought.

Finally, in the vegetarian food pyramid, there are still many groups left including fruits, water, omegas, B12, and D group; these groups may be as essential as the others.

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