Vegetarian Food List For New Vegetarians


OnVegetarian.comVegetarian food list must be the one information which is searched by people who are a beginner of becoming a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian is great because you may get many advantages. You can gain your weight loss, become healthy, have lower the risk of suffering from a heart disease or some kinds of cancer, and might stable your blood sugar levels, meeting the nutrient, etc. Since there are so many lists of vegetarian food, you must know it so that you may balance your vegetarian option.

Vegetarian foods list

There are many kinds of vegetarian food list that you have to know. Here will be explained about it for further details.

  1. Fruits and vegetables.
    These fruits and vegetables must be the main vegetarian food list that you have already known. Both vegetable and fruit may help you control the weight. It might also contribute to lower the risk of osteoarthritis and heart disease. They contain the fiber, potassium, antioxidants, plus a 2,000-calorie plant-based diet. All vegetables and fruits including spinach, asparagus, avocado, apple, broccoli, bananas, are all good for you.
  2. Grains.
    Same as the fruits and vegetables, grains are the sources of iron, antioxidants, and fiber. Grains contain endosperm components, the bran, and germ which might also provide the folic acid to meet the nutrient. The quinoa, barley, bulgur, popcorn, and oatmeal are the examples of the grains’ cereals which are ready to eat.
  3. Nuts, peanuts, and seeds.
    All of these three vegetarian foods are kinds of healthy fats which are good for your body since they provide the little cholesterol-raising saturated fat. Nuts also contain the other nutrients like protein, vitamin E, and potassium. Mostly, the peanuts are eaten along with the vegetables to avoid the unwanted weight gaining.

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Other vegetarian foods list

There are many other kinds of vegetarian food list that may become as important as the other food lists which have been explained before. Let’s see the other listings in this following discussion.

  1. Soy foods.
    Do you love eating tofu or soybean cake? Yep, they are one of vegetarian soy foods which become plant-based sources of protein. They have amino acids which are not only good for your diet but also for building the muscle. Soy foods do also contain the iron, fiber, and zinc as well as calcium to grow your bones.
  2. Beans, split peas and lentils.
    These three vegetarian foods are more likely known as legumes. They contain the zinc and iron as well as provide fiber and protein. The protein produced is an incomplete protein which might be made into the complete one if you combine it with the other source of protein.
  3. Dairy Products and Eggs.
    The dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese and yogurt provide the calcium source which becomes the essential nutrient for healthy bones and teeth. The dairy products also contain the vitamin B-12 which is good for healthy red blood cells. Dairy products are great because they can limit the saturated fat which causes LDL cholesterol and heart disease. Eggs are also needed because it provides iron, protein, and vitamin D.

Finally, vegetarian food list is essential to know to have such a balanced vegetarian meal to eat to keep the body healthy and far from fat.

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