Revealed the Truth About Vegetarian Eggs

adsense-fallback – Not many people in this world have heard of Vegetarian Eggs. People will think that it is impossible to have such products. Logically, they will think that eggs are not the vegetarian product because they are part of animal products.

But as the time goes by, a discovery has revealed the truth about the eggs. We will try to explain here about it, mainly their relations to vegetarian.



Do they exist and where can I find them?

The simple answer is yes they are. Even this kind of egg has a strong market in the USA. You can easily find them at the grocers. Please notice that they are usually more expensive than the general eggs. But some people think that the price is worth to cost because they claimed that they are healthy eggs.

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What are they?

Vegetarian Eggs are the eggs that produced by the hens fed a vegetarian diet. The food for the hens contains vegetables only. Some expert claimed that there are several types of these eggs.

People that are currently on their vegetarian, especially that take ovo vegetarian usually seek for these eggs. Ovo vegetarian is a vegetarian that consumes eggs, but not dairy products. Ovo is a word from Greece that means egg. Many of them pursue healthy life out of concern animal welfare.

Although many people claim that these eggs are healthy, the complaint or contradiction arises. From the vegetarian side, especially ovo vegetarian, this will be the best protein sources and the only egg that can be consumed as their principles. They are also healthy eggs because produced by the vegetarian hens.

But from the other side, since hens are an animal, it is almost impossible to say that the eggs are vegetarian, although the hens ate vegetables. The other complaints and thoughts from animal lovers also have increased as the response to this type of eggs.

Some said that it is just not right that make the hens vegetarian just for produce Vegetarian Eggs for human consumption. They are omnivore which should eat an insect, worms, seeds, and other smaller creatures. It is just ironically sad that these eggs are produced from the chickens that are not raised humanely. Not only in the U.S, but this egg type also creates controversial thoughts in several countries, even in Asia.

Another perspective said that all kind of eggs are vegetarian because they are not part of the animals such as flesh, meat or muscle. But in another part of the world such as India, many Indians consider eggs as meat or flesh, and the vegetarians will not eat them. But it’s mostly to follow the religious belief. So the conclusion for this is that the Western think that eggs are more into a vegetarian, while Eastern doesn’t.

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Although until today there are still debates about this issue, be careful of the product that you want to consume is important. If you think Vegetarian Eggs can help in increasing your health, you can consume it in some regular time.