The Easiest Healthy Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

adsense-fallback – Are you confused about what to eat for dinner in your vegan diet program? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with the easiest healthy vegetarian dinner recipes. So, it won’t going to be wasting your time.


  1. Pot Vegan Pasta
    This is one of the most simple food you can make for your vegan dinner. This dish will let you cook all the ingredients in one single pot. There is three kind of vegetables you need to prepare for the ingredients are eggplant, mushrooms, and fresh parsley. Sautee the vegetables in a big pot or pan. After that, you must set them aside. The next ingredients you need to put inside the pot are the pasta, garlic, tomato sauce, seasonings, and water. It’s super easy, right?
    Next, the only thing you need to do is to boil it. Do not forget to cover it while it’s boiling. Let it simmer until it’s done. When the noodles are al dente, it means it’s boiled. Taste it first, if you think it’s not enough, you can adjust seasonings based on your sense of taste. So simple, so easy, and so good.Read also: Vegetarian Sandwiches
  2. Tasty Stir-fried Tofu
    Do you like tofu? If you do not like it, I bet you’re going to like this one. Try to make it just like this Healthy vegetarian dinner recipes. Tofu would taste great when it’s cooked the right way. One thing you need to know that in this recipe, the tofu is not fried but dried and baked. To prepare the tofu, you have to dry it first, then bake it at a high temperature until it has the brown color and tougher texture. The tofu would give the dish the “meat-like” texture.
    For the stir fry, you will need the prepared tofu, 2 cups of chopped green beans, 1 cup of diced carrots, two tablespoons of toasted sesame oil for sauteing. For the sauce, you will need ΒΌ cup of low-sodium soy sauce, one tablespoon of ginger, two tablespoons of organic brown sugar, one tablespoon maple syrup, and one tablespoon of cornstarch.
    Make sure before you bake the tofu, cut it into small rectangles. Before you stir fry the mixture, you can prepare to mix the sauce ingredients. Whisk all of the together in a mixing bowl. Prepare the skillet to be medium-high in heat. Add sesame oil and swirl it to coat.
    Then, add the vegetables to the skillet. Cook and stir it often for about 5 to 7 minutes. Add the sauce and stir when the veggies have some color. After it’s thickened and bubbled, add the tofu and stir to coat. Cook it for about 3-5 minutes and stir it often. Finally, one of the healthy vegetarian dinner recipes is ready to serve for dinner.

Those two recipes are not all; there are still a lot more recipes you can have in your vegan dinner menu. You can find many simple recipes to support your diet. But before looking for more recipes, just try one of the above and see what happens. Those healthy vegetarian dinner recipes would make your day.

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