Let’s Find Out Foods that Vegetarian Can’t Eat


OnVegetarian.com – Being a vegetarian is a good choice for everybody because, in vegetables, there are so many vitamins that are good for health. So, vegetable consumers will be healthier than people who do not like to consume vegetables if seen from the substance of the vegetables. Moreover, there are also some sufferings that are found by vegetarian because of some foods vegetarian can’t eat.

Therefore, a vegetarian should be able to manage his or herself well in relation to consuming foods. It means that they should be careful of foods that should not be eaten a by a vegetarian.

Everyone knows that a vegetarian generally should stay away from foods that contain meat or fish. Nowadays, there are numerous kinds of food that contain the two of them. A thing that should be noticed before a vegetarian eat any food is to check the ingredients whether it has meat or fish or not. When the ingredients do not contain any meat and fish, it will be all right to consume and eat. However, when it contains them, it is better for you to think twice before you consume it as a real vegetarian.


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A good vegetarian is better to prevent himself or herself from eating foods and drinking beverage as follows.

  1. Starburst
    There are so many experts who state that gelatin contains a gelatinous substance, like what is there in a food named starburst. It is also known that gelatin is made animal’s skin. Besides skin, it is also produced from animal’s bone as well. Thus, this food or ingredient can be categorized as foods vegetarian can’t eat.
  2. Isinglass
    Everybody may know well about isinglass, especially for you who like to drink a beer. Yes, isinglass is a British beer. For you as the vegetarian, it is also suggested for you to stay away from this beverage because there is the relationship between this beverage with fish. This beverage uses the trace amount of fish bladder while the brewing process is done. So, it must not be good at all for vegetarian.
  3. Apple pie
    Do you ever eat an apple pie? The answer must be yes because it is one of the most favorite food. Almost everybody likes this kind of delicious foods because of the taste. On the other hand, it can be a bad news for a vegetarian when he or she knows that it is made with a traditional recipe that contains lard. So, it should be avoided by all vegetarians.
  4. Altoid
    There may not many people who know that Altoid has an ingredient of gelatin. However, it should be admitted that it is the truth. By knowing this condition, it is a must for a vegetarian not to try eating this food because it includes foods vegetarian can’t eat as well.

Well, that is all about information of foods vegetarian can’t eat. If you want to be a real vegetarian, never try eating those kinds of food mentioned above. Thus, it will be safe for you. Stay healthy as vegetarian!

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