Things to Know: Definition of Vegetarian


OnVegetarian.comIf you only eat food from vegetable or something produced by plants, it means that you are a vegetarian. Well, the meaning of vegetarian in the dictionary is strong and active. Generally,  the definition of vegetarian is someone who does not consume or eat various kind of animal meat such beef, fish, lamb, chicken meat, and others. Vegetarian only consume vegetable only such vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and others which contain vegetable protein. The reasons of doing that way is because for their health or another reason.

For your nice information, vegetarianism firstly sparked in the Greek era in 1847 by Joseph Brotherton and his friends in Northwood Villa, Kent, England. Nevertheless, vegetarian has been known since a long time ago. Before 1847, there are some people knows by Pythagorean. They are the meat-eating group. Well, are you a vegetarian of Pythagorean? There are some kinds of vegetarian. They are vegan, lacto vegetarian, and Lacto-Ovo vegetarian.



Kinds of Vegetarian

  • Vegan
    Vegan is a kind of pure vegetarian. People who are vegan just consume some vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits. They do not consume another product from fish moreover meat.
  • Lacto vegetarian
    This type of this vegetarian same with Vegan but has some differences. They abstain from eating some meat products, eggs, fish, poultry, and other dairy products from meat. However, Lacto-vegetarian has still consumed the products which have been processed such yogurt and milk.
  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian
    This type of vegetarian consumes vegetable protein and they do not consume the meat products. However, they are allowed to consume eggs and milk and its dairy products.

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Well, those some kinds of vegetarian you need to know. Then, you have to know that there are many benefits to be vegetarian. Here some benefits being a vegetarian for you.

  1. Your heart becomes healthy.As you know that vegan do not consume animal meat products.
    Someone who prefers to consume animal meat will get fat cholesterol. Cholesterol is one of the reasons on why someone gets cardiovascular disease. So, avoid this disease by doing what vegetarian do.
  1. Your body fit.
    If you want to get your body fit and beautiful, you can be a vegetarian. You can remove your weight easily by losing your calories and carbohydrates. Consuming vegetables and fruits is very good for your diet.
  1. Preventing cancer.
    Cancer is one of dangerous disease for everyone. By consuming good vegetable and fruits, you can prevent stomach cancer, breast cancer, and other cancers
  1. Improving your immunity.
    Everyone knows that vegetarian only consumes fresh vegetable as fresh as fruits they consumed. They also consume beans and other soy products. Those kinds of food are improving immunity in your body.
  1. Preventing neurological diseases.
    Vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants. It can prevent neurological diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer.

There are more benefits by becoming vegetarian. If you want your body healthy and preventing from dangerous disease, you can try to be vegetarian. Now, you know about the definition of vegetarian. Be vegetarian and you will get your body fresh all day long.

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