5 Wonderful Cheap Vegetarian Meals for Daily Life


OnVegetarian.comThe cheap vegetarian meals are special for most people. These kinds of the vegetarian meals will be the most recommended food for daily life.

Do you like the cheap meals? Talking about the cheap meals, you have to consider about cleanliness and health of the food. By considering them, you can make sure that the vegetarian meals are good for you.



Inspiration for Cheap Vegetarian Meals

Do you have any idea about the cheap vegetarian meals? If you like these kinds of meals, you have to have inspiration about the food. Minimally, you need to know two or three vegetarian meals which are cheap.

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So, you can buy or cook a different vegetarian meal for some days.
By the way, do you want to know the vegetarian meal ideas? Here, you will know some kinds of vegetarian meal and their recipe.

1. Falafel Waffle
This kind of food is fried vegetarian meal. The Falafel Waffle is simple and delicious. Have you known? You can make this meal in 20 minutes. To make the Falafel Waffle, you need to prepare some recipes. These are:
• Canned chickpeas
• Onion
• Egg
• Parsley
• Cucumber
• Lemon
• Sour cream or yogurt
• Garlic
• Olive oil
• Salt
• Baking powder
• Cumin
• Ground coriander
• Bread crumbs


2. Eggplant with special sauce
You may never imagine eating eggplant with the different way. Yeah, you may just think that this kind of food is purple with a dull shape. You can cook and change the dull eggplant into the amazing vegetarian meal. You can make eggplant with special sauce. The sauce is the combination of lemon, fresh mint, garlic, and feta. Complete recipes of the eggplant with special sauce are:
• Eggplant
• Feta
• Fresh mint
• Lemon
• Whole-wheat couscous
• salt
• Olive oil
• Garlic


3. Parmesan and Broccoli with Chickpeas
You must know that parmesan and broccoli are good for your body. It means that you should consume the food periodically. If you like the food, you should try to make the Parmesan and Broccoli with Chickpeas. It is a great idea to have the great taste of the parmesan and broccoli. Do you wonder about this kind of the cheap vegetarian meals? Let’s see the recipes of the food.
• Chickpeas
• Onion
• Parmesan
• Broccoli
• Vegetable broth or chicken
• Red pepper
• Salt
• Olive oil
• Garlic


4. Hot Potato with Chili and Black Bean
This kind of vegetarian meal will make your mouth burned. Yeah, it is hot. However, after eating this meal, you will always miss eating the hot potato. The meal is good to eat at night or cold. You will feel wonderful sensation after enjoying the food. Talking about the food, you have to know its recipes.
• Olive oil
• Potato
• Garlic
• Onion
• Cumin
• Salt
• Chili powder
• Chile
• Water
• Lime juice
• Tomato
• Black beans
• Fresh cilantro

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5. Spinach with Cheese and Portobellos
For you who love spinach, you must be happy to have the food inspiration. Yeah, the spinach with cheese and portobellos will combine some recipes that will make the meal fantastic. It is so creamy and delicious.
• Portobello mushroom
• Fresh spinach
• Cheese
• Pepper
• Kalamata olive
• Marinara sauce
• Italian seasoning
• Salt

Are the recipes useful for you? You can choose one of the foods to be favorite vegetable meals for your daily life. The cheap vegetable meals will make your body healthy and fresh.